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2/25/2010 05:53:00 PM

I felt cute today. I had this revelation...it goes something like "every single chose we make determines who we are." The clothes I buy, even just one article of clothing, defines something about me. The music I listen too, and don't listen too makes me a certain type of person. Everything. Every single little thing adds up to make me (or you, in your case) this person. Every choice. It kind of over-whelms me, but at the same time brings me peace. Today it brings me peace because I'm okay with how I am today...tomorrow may be another issue.

I'm forcing myself to be more creative. I have such a long way to go, but I have my whole life to become successful.

Someone else's Perspective...
I said, "Being famous has past me up. No one really ever becomes famous if they aren't on their way to become famous by the time they're my age."
Another person's perspective responded with some famous computer wiz who didn't actually become world reknown until his 50s.
I'll accept that I am still on my way to greatness and that the best is still ahead of me.

I'm between projects right now at work and it makes me feel unmotivated.

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