Back to real life.

5/16/2010 10:52:00 PM

Home from my minivaca.

It was wonderful. and exhausting.

Something is still the matter with me. And I'm no where closer to figuring out what it is. Maybe I'm just plan stinking warn out. Maybe, it’s still just that silly little rut I'm in. Maybe I have less of an idea of where I want to be and am tired of living my life to please everyone else. I think it’s that last one. I'm exhausted from keeping everyone else happy. Being self-aware is my worse and best attribute. {However, I've digressed}

The lake was wonderful. I could live on the water and be happy forever, no doubt. We took an obnoxious amount of pictures and video that I will be happy to share with you as soon as they make their way to my computer.

I actually really like my brother's girlfriend, Karen. We get along wonderfully and she is crazy with the camera {I love it}. There are many pictures with strange story lines and silly undertones and it was a blast to go on vacation with her. I hope we can sneak away again soon for another trip. Nonetheless, my brother's grueling schedule left little relaxation and the backside of my legs are still in need of sunlight.

So, back to the real world tomorrow. Office life and schedules.

Goal for this week:
- Work out {at least} 30 minutes for five days.
- find & make my office more beautiful.

With love.

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