The Coffee is Brewing

9/07/2010 06:15:00 AM

Good Morning, Loves (said it with a brit accent)

I've been just laying in my bed for about two hours now just a wishing that I would go back to sleep. It never happened, so here I am at 5 AM in the early, early morning. The coffee pot just told me it was ready for me to have a cup, please hold one moment while I go handle that. I promise I will be right back....


This week of work isn't really like I work week at all. It's like working for a weekend and playing for the week, because I am only working on Tuesday and Wednesday. Allegedly. It's Saints week. I am oh so very, very ready. The camera will be out. The Drew 'em dem shirt will be purchased. And my toenails are painted gold. I'm ready.

I thought I'd share the mood with some photos from this time last year.
{The beginning of the road to victory}

This time last year was my very first live football experience. My very first time in Tiger Stadium & my very first time in the dome for a Saints game. I don't think I could have picked a better season to be a fan {well, of the Saints anyways}. LSU needs a little credit too. Nothing really beats tailgating on Saturdays.

I can't really believe that was a year ago.'s time to go get ready for the work day.


My coffee cup had a little message on it this morning {special thanks to Miss Megan for the birthday cup}.
{ via Anna Taintor }

Oh and don't forget it's Tuesday. I know it is going to feel like a Monday all the day long.

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