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9/01/2010 09:51:00 AM

How do we become friends with people?! What makes us stay friends with people?!

Yesterday I was driving over the Causeway, (the longest bridge in the world, the bridge that I drive over most every day of my life) while checking facebook (safe, I know...that's what the iPhone's good for, right?) and stalking various college 'friends' on my minifeed. A few of them reside in and around New Orleans and I didn't even realize. They are girls that were actually really good friends with my really good friends... Long story short, if got me thinking why we keep certain friends or why other people don't "keep" us as friends. I never really came to a conclusion, it's just something pretty interesting to ponder. Honestly, it made me feel small for a moment when I realize how many people who come and go in my life rather insignificantly.

So, I googled "what makes a person a friend." I didn't find an answer (yet), but I found this by some Gregory Schmitt,
      "My favorite definition of a friend is someone who is glad you showed up and has no immediate plans for
       your improvement. I like this definition because it reflects the idea of gracious acceptance of who I am,
       regardless. A friend wants to spend time with me. A friend wants to share joys and sorrows. A friend
       wants to remember the good times, enjoy today and plan for tomorrow."
{the rest of the article

I don't know what actofGod allows us to form friendships with certain individuals; but I completely agree with 'Greg'. "Gracious acceptance of who I am, regardless." Really, to find one person that truly allows you acceptance is amazing....so to be blessed with a posy of girls that do just that is absolutely, through the grace of God, beautiful.

Sometimes I think about the girls who will stand next to me the day I get married {though, the day may be years away}. I feel stressed because I've never really thought I'd have 10 girls up there with me, but I don't know how to begin to 'prioritize' my friendships to have less, LOL. How completely silly is that stress?! (We'll see that actually happens when it's worth thinking about.)

Another crazy, stupid stress? How to make time for all the people in my life. Bring on the people. I love every moment I am in the company of a friend, thought it sometimes inhibits me from doing everything I 'need' to do, I wouldn't give back a moment of my time.

So, in honor of timeless friendships, I give you a little taste of my birthday bash {sad to see August go}.

Pat O's girls.
(Meg, Presh, AC, me, A, T, Katie & Tasha}
Proof it was a successful night.
{it was a} late, late night.

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