I'm in love {again}

8/27/2010 10:36:00 AM

Today is: Friday, Saints' Preseason Game Day, Cheryl's Bachelorette Party and first day of the weekend.

Football season is back in town. Maybe it's that the air has been cooler in the mornings than usual but I feel like the Saints bring magic to this town. The buzz is back and I'm in love again. It's not the football, but the atmosphere. {Although, I will admit, I've started to enjoy the games...shhh}.

{} Aprel and I are throwing Ashley's Wedding Shower.  I just really enjoy throwing parties! I find my element in the whole planning invitations and decorations. Though, the dayof is always overly stressful...it's nice to know when it's all said and done people enjoyed themselves. I've learned that a little bit of effort goes a very long way.

{} SportFit Nutrition {SFN} is about to open. The freelance work I have been able to do for Matt, the owner of SFN, has been fun; but it has also felt rushed. A brag-worthy project can never be rushed....

{} ...which plays into the website that I am designing. I played with Wordpress. What? I know. I jumped right on that bandwagon. I haven't played with it enough to know if I like it or not...right now it's not "easier". We'll see.

{} Still on the eternal search for time. The search will never end.

{} Yesterday I visited Scriptura.com. Let me share with you some of this beautiful work because in the forty-five minutes I spent clicking around their site I am in love with invitations and calligraphy.

"Let the good times roll"
{Via Scriptura}
{Via Scriptura}
While I was visiting Scriptura I also discovered their Calligrapher, Maria Helena. Doesn't she make your heart melt?
{Via Maria Helena}

In conclusion:
I'm in love with pretty things & Saints season.

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