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8/11/2010 08:34:00 AM

We spent the weekend in Lafayette for a wedding of one of David's dearest college friends. I regret to inform you that I was a failure at taking pictures of the beautiful event. It was a beautiful and classy wedding. The couple was both dressed in love and looked absolutely smitten with each other. Someone told me "ya'll are next" to which I replied, "we don't talk about that." However, we did manage to be photographed together {see below}.

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This morning I am tired. The weather has been something of unsual. There's this weird things about having to work all the time and it causes me to underappreciate the seasons. Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt excited about Fall. My excitement was mainly focused around all the football fun that comes with it, which (I'm not gonna lie) was a little weird. Sometimes I worry that we are in the "end times", but I hope that's just fear of God. I was reminded of my worry this morning when I rode into work with my dad who listens to NPR religiously. Someone asked me how David and I were doing, I caught myself saying "we are perfect". It was weird to hear myself say something so extreme and mean it so much. My house needs me to stay home for a day and do nothing but clean, organize and decorate. I'm still working on taking the clutter out of my life. I think that I'm a packrat by default and it takes a lot to realize I need to throw away the old magazines on my bookshelf in my room. It takes even more for me to actually throw them away. I'm also a spender on lots of cheap affordables. I want to be a buyer of worth it valuables. One week until my birthday and I still have no idea what anyone is getting me.  24 seems a lot older than 23.

Two more days before Birthday Weekend Tradition. This will be the forth year of birthday fun spent downtown in New Orleans. I hope that I take so many pictures it's obnoxious.

I will leave you with two of my favorite photos from last year's birthday outting:

See all the Pat O's Hurricane cups back there?

Walking down bourdon.
Until next time, stay beautiful.

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  1. you are so pretty - love that wedding pic. love the dress, love the hair, love YOU! can't wait to hang out. i miss you.





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