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8/03/2010 09:39:00 AM

My little office has slowing become a place I enjoy.

I have spent hours, multiply evenings, and over-whelmed mornings putting things  in order to make me feel a little less stressed. I have learned that looking at things that bring me peace of mind and order to my life is one of my life’s necessities. I’ve also discovered that the things around me must inspire me, pull out my creativity, but also be simple enough not to overwhelm me {actually, I’m still working on the simplicity thing, it’s easy to forget}.

Here’s a sample of my little workspace.

View From My Desk
Dualscreens and Book Shelf

Over My Head
as my daily reminder.

Most Complimented Item

New Favorite

{isn't he just the cutest thing you ever did see?}
We call him Super.

Happy Tuesday!

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1 comment(s)

  1. i love your workspace, and it has definitely inspired me to cleany my MESSY office. i'm pretty sure i'm not getting the things done that i need to get done because it's such a cluttered mess. it makes me really unhappy. oh well, today i will fix it.





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