Drew N' Dem

8/23/2010 04:05:00 PM

My Week

Work, dentist and Spa Martini date with T & Amanda (then get home to hang up clothes).

Work in early – out late. Sushi{?} Date Night with David.

Work. Home early for laundry & me time.

Work. S&M meeting. {Finally} drinks with Gracious. I wander if she wants to run with me before drinks?!

Work {half day?}. Must make the decision on whether to go to the Saints game or to Cheryl’s Bachelorette party . . . this is a tough one.


New “To Do”

Rank my days from 1 – 10. Explain.

Yesterday {Sunday}
9.5 for productivity.
It felt really good to wake up to a clean room.

The overall day I’ll give it a 7.
Better than average but nothing extraordinary.

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