The Best Christmas Present of my Life...

12/30/2010 01:46:00 PM

A Moreau Family Christmas | Not the highlights so much, but more just the pictures that I liked!

Aprel & Mille
Mille is Aprel's BFF from college.
My family has accepted her as our sixth sister, that's how much we love her.

Matt & Joseph | Joseph & Matt
Like Father, Like Son.
Matt is Aprel's hubby, Jo is her 3rd lil babae!

Future Bro-in-Law with Aprel's 2 & 4.
Youngest sister & oldest sister share fashion sense!
I posted all of my favorite pictures from Christmas evening on Facebook if you feel like clicking thru...
It's pretty amazing that I didn't give someone the camera to take a picture of David and me. :( Oh well, there will be more Christmases!

And here I am (obnoxious me, anyways) with my favorite new toy! Yeah, I look that picture in the mirror. LOL


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