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12/28/2010 05:51:00 PM

I've been searching for the perfect curtains for my room for the last two years. Nothing ever seems to be just enough me and just the right color. I saw these beauties about 6 months ago at  and fell madly in love. (madly in love.) Nonetheless, this girl's salary just doesn't support $400 dollars worth of curtains, at least not for one window in my room. So I waited and waited, than finally they came down to $200. But still, I just could not allow myself. And then, the sunshine from above and they were $100 ($50/panel), but I still waited. I needed Christmas to come and go before I could allow myself such a splurge. And finally, today, they are mine. They were the very last two in stock. When I went back to the page after my purchase they were no longer available. I am so thrilled that I chose to buy them today. {Destiny} LOL
 I'll admit it, I've looked at them every day for the last week.

And here the are:

I'm going to have to rearrange my room to show them off properly.
Anyways, 5-10 days for shipping seems so long from now. But, I've waited this long....

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