The Gift of Words

12/21/2010 11:31:00 AM

I wrapped the inside of some frames as Christmas decoration and then was presented with the idea of actually putting gifts under those decorations. So, this is what a certain roommate is getting for Christmas....

Here are the gift frames, I mean, aren't they just the cutest Christmas presents you've ever seen (okay, maybe not 'ever seen', but they are pretty cute!)

Here are the prints that will go inside of them (I'm not sure how I'm going to do this between now and Christmas...).

 If you know me and/or the recipient of this gift you'd realize the irony of this particular quote. Very long story short I would be the 'nut'. Haha
 This quote is so simply true.
**** was a big fan of this quote. I kind of think that it counters the previous quote, but both seem to pertain to ****'s work ethic.

So, there you go. I'm excited to put them in the frames to see if they actually look good or not. And I'm excited about giving them to ****. He completely excepts this gift, but we've been putting off finishing this project for almost 6 months now!! 

Which reminds me, it's amazing how much you will do for other people that you won't do for yourself.
Rephrase: It amazes me how much I will do for other people that I won't do for myself.
The End.

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