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1/31/2011 11:07:00 AM

My brother and I live in a gorgeous home. It's a 2-year old contemporary, country style, four bedroom, two bath, wood floor, granite countertop, fireplace home with fourteen foot ceilings and windows coving the living area that faces out to our three acres of slightly overgrown and still beautiful property that is covered in oak trees. This place has serious potential.

Nonetheless, it suffers from my college furniture and my brother’s males tendencies. Which amounts to low budges pieces here and there and lots of room for improvement. For this reason, I’m making it my first half of 2011 project {okay, one of the big projects}; and praying that my brother decides to help with the financial investments.

Items needed include (but never limited to):

1) Entertainment Center for our TV, xbox, & computer (we don’t have cable so, & stream for my old computer rather frequently.)

2) Curtains for the window that face our front yard that shine light on the pool table room that could been a dining room… (did you follow that.) Our pool table is brown with orange felt. We have lots of browns going on around the house and I’m really hoping curtains can pull some light into the area. But what color curtains??

3) A console table with a huge vase of flowers for the window that use to frame our Christmas tree.

4) And one signature piece of art that screams New Orleans.

I’m making progress towards 1, half of 3, and 4. I really need help with 2.

{1} Pottery Barn options (not because I have to have PB, but because I really respect PB’s taste and interior design styles)

What I love about this piece is that it leaves room to grow. So often a TV gets locked into a size because of your entertainment center. A good entertainment center can last you a lifetime and you never know where that lifetime will lead you. I'm a really big can of the multiple peices and the freedom you have on top of the television set. The glass doors add just charm as well. Of course, we'd get this peices in brown {or white, I love white furniture}.  

See those picture frames on the top of this piece? I love those! Because our ceilings are so high we struggle with finding ways to fill the space up there. The dried flower idea seem very ideal. But, I think some simple black and white photos could be beautiful.  

{2} help! 

{3} These vases for the consol table. Beau, my brother, is an automation engineers, which means he appreciates when I find silly home d├ęcor items that fit into that category. I humor him the best way I know how… I introduce the soon to be newest members of our home.

Revolution Vases from CB2
 {4} Adam Sambola, a Slidell artist, who I have recently fallen in love with {figuratively, not emotionally}. I’m thinking one of his pieces really needs to find its way into my house very soon.


(Obvs I need more inspiration...)

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  1. i love love LOVE the first entertainment center - i think it would be perfect for the house. i also love the first inspiration pic :)

    p.s. blog more often :) i like reading your stuff!

  2. I feel your excitement and pain. As we make our way down the first official home journey, I am driving myself crazy trying to discover the greatest way to color/decorate/enhance the future Bridge home. I really want something beachy (especially if we get this house with the pool in the back)! I am thinking light yet warm neutral colors with lots of sea blue/green accents to pop, and light airy curtains...perhaps sheers as long as we don't have to worry about anyone watching, or shiny sea blue taffeta ones...and you want to have long curtains that hang from just below the ceiling or molding to the floor... it makes the ceiling appear even higher. :)





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