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2/01/2011 01:22:00 PM

"I have plenty of weaknesses… and THAT OKAY, but id rather call them “not-so Strengths” - Promise Tangeman

"How to be Smarter: Jokes are funniest when you say the same phase in different ways throughout the story. I.e., instead of emailing your friends a funny story about “a guy with a cat,” use that phrase once and then during the rest of the story call him ‘the dude with the feline,’ ‘the man with the baby Simba-lookalike,’ or the ‘bloke with the tabby.’ The more outlandish the vocabulary get as the story reaches its climax, the funnier the story becomes." - smart pretty and awkward {&thanks to Pickle's Progress for introducing me.}

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  1. Thanks for linking to Smart Pretty and Awkward :) So glad you liked that post!

    Molly from SP&A





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