Love, Umbrellas & Prayers

2/15/2011 10:03:00 AM

I found this photoshoot on Polkadotbride.com by Jack and Ruby Photography. It is absolutely one of my favorite photoshoots ever!
Don't they just look so in love?


Saturday night was the Annual
Endymion Coronation Ball
We Second Lines around the Convention Center - twice.
It was one of the most "New Orleans" moments of my life
and I loved every minute of it.
So did my camera.
 {and that means there is documentation
that I will need to share with you on a later date!}

Such a good night!!

Last week I took a week as a Social Recluse. It was amazing to have some time to myself. I really enjoy alone time these days, which is exactly the opposite of my life in college and in highschool. I guess it's part of being a 'grown up' that I like about myself. It's so important to spend some time alone.

Monday & Tuesday of last week I still felt overwhelmed and depressed and stress. Wednesday, while walking to my office, I said a prayer asking God to give me grace and patience and positive energy. I offered up my sufferings for the day to Him. That night when I laid in bed I thought back on my day and how much better I felt, then I realized I had God to that for it. I so often forget to say my prayers and give my day to My Lord. It's really awesome how often He has come to my rescue!

Today, I still feel like I have a list three miles long that I want to accomplish every day {which is really depressing}. I just have to remember to take it little by little. I have to set achievement goals!

{I've been writing in my paper journal a lot more} It's nice to read back on the goals I've set in the past and realize that I've accomplished them.

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