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11/15/2012 06:12:00 PM

I would like to announce the beautiful arrival of Calais Marie Bindewald. She's the newest member of my sisters precious, little family and my fifth niece.

Being an aunt is one of the purest pleasures in life. I'm so blessed to have such amazing nieces and one hunkin precious nephew in my life. Their little faces just light up every time I see them and the way their little eyes watch and learn... it's amazing to get to be an example to the little munchkins.

Today, November 15, 2012, I get to be an aunt for another wonderful time. I can't wait to meet little, bitsy Calais.

Little Baby Calais,

You are one lucky little girl. You have one of the best mom's anyone could ever wish for. I hope that your sister, Graci, is as good a biggest sister as you mom has been to all of us (your aunts) for all these years. She's an amazing woman, sister, and mother, so thank God for her often! You also have four of the best siblings your could ask for. I'm sure you and Brookie are going to be the best of friends. I can't wait to find out what she ends up calling you, I'm sure Calais isn't the easiest thing for a two year old to say. I'm so very glad your dad was able to be home when your mommy went into labor to have you. She was so worried he would still be working offshore. They all love you so much and you are so blessed to have such a hardworking, light-hearted and loving family. You are the reason the whole family will give thanks this Thanksgiving Day -- which is only a week from today, your birthday. Welcome, little miss, I can't imagine this world without you.

With love,
Your Aunt Jenny

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