No Buyers Remorse

11/23/2012 09:36:00 AM

In the spirit of Black Friday I thought a 'No Buyers Remorse' post would be appropriate.

If there is one thing I'll never understand about David, it's that he doesn't drink coffee. Regardless, he appreciates it for two reasons - One, because it smells amazing. Two, because I'm just nicer after a cup or two.

1. Community Coffee Hazelnut Private Reserve is my new obsession. As it brews it smells exactly how coffee should smell (which is oddly a really hard smell to explain besides just saying it's coffee without that odd, farty smell that sometimes accomponies the brewing process). If you are a coffee lover, you should give this Hazelnut blend a try. You won't be sorry. I found this new roast at Rouse's Supermarket and at Target.

Every workday I make a go-cup of Community and grab a

2. Luna Bar for the commute into work. This Peanut Honey Pretzel is my preferred flavor. Maybe its a candybar for breakfast, but this girl is not a morning person so I have to give myself small joys to ensure I make it to work before lunch. This bar is one of those incentives and even though it's "for Women" David enjoys the occasional Luna Bar as well.
Price tag: $18.75
per 15 bar box

I believe in spending money on personal products that I use daily, primarily makeup. So when I find myself at the cash register at Sephora with a $60 receipt that only has two items on it, I don't let it bother me. But sometimes life gets a little crazy and I find myself really needing mascara and no time to make it all the way to the nearest Sephora. So I find myself at Walgreens on my phone, google searching the, "best drug store mascara".

3. L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes in black-brown was what I settled on buying. It's the first drugstore mascara I've ever used that is still doing its job at the end of my work day. It applies wet and can clump your lashes if you don't do it with a little patience, but when I slow down and make sure to shimmy my hand a little I can avoid that clumpy-separated look. Next time I need mascara, I will be repurchasing this cost-effective lash enhancer, no questions!
Price tag: $7.00

In my first installment of No Buyers Remorse I recommended an Amazing Cosmetics undereye concealer.  When Sophera didn't have my shade in stock I settled for another brand and continued to bounce around a little until I found

4. NARS stick concealer. I found the perfect shade for me and this little stick makes putting on concealer something I almost look forward to. It's goes on really light but has wonderful coverage. I leave my makeup bag in my car way too often, but I'm happy to report heat and cold hasn't hurt its integrity. I will be purchasing this concealer again and because of it's dry application I recommend this one over my previous recommendation.
Price tag: $22.00

And that's that.
I know real life recommendations are always so useful. Sometimes we settle for things that are subpar because we are afraid of spending money on something that is even less satisfying than our previous purchase, so we settle into purchasing the thing that we've at least learned how to put up with. The process sounds so pathetic, but it's just the way life goes sometimes.
Happy shopping...and really, you should try the coffee blend! :)

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