Give me.

6/26/2013 01:13:00 PM

Give me two people in love and a three days to edit their pictures with nothing else to do.

Give me wine, every day after five, and a friend to enjoy with it.

Give me $1000 and a room that needs decorating, to my taste, and then give me 12 days of nothing else to do but furniture shop, restore, and a few extra hours to make playlists to listen to when I'm hard at work.

Give me an entire week to catch up on house work. No, it won't take a week, it will probably only take 2 days. So, tell me I have six days and on day six after I've procrastinated an entire 5 1/2 days, let me know I have a whole other day to get things done.

Give me 3 more extra hours in each day. Or a maid -- that does laundry and housework. I'll still take the extra 3 hours tho, I'm sure I'd blog more that way.

Give me a few days off when David has to work. You know, just to get to spend some quality time with my mom, his mom, my sisters and friends and nieces and nephew. I just need a few days. Okay, I'll take a whole work week. But, I'll be home to have dinner on the table - promise. At least 3 out of 5 days. :)

Give me a sudden allergy to sugar. One that makes me gain 12 points automatically if I have over 30g. That's the kind of motivation that I need.

I want all of this separated, by the way. No combos. And no, Aprel, you do not get out of helping me decorate the room.

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