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Friday's Fancies, Tanked. (Vol. 002)

7/12/2013 09:42:00 AM

Running for Fun with a Messy Bun

1 under armour running shirt // 2 nike tempo running shorts // 3 brooks ghost running shoes // 4 a messy bun

"You always have time for a twenty minute run." Danny Bourgeois, Marking Director of the Louisiana Marathon, said to me back in March. I was making excuses, "I just don't have enough time...", I told him. But the truth was, I hadn't run in almost a year and I knew that the battle with myself to start again was going to be a tough one. I needed new shoes, I didn't have a partner to keep me motivated, I was going to have a very slow pace, and it was still cold outside in the evenings.

Nonetheless, Danny's statement made an impression. I bought new shoes, downloaded the app MapMyRun, and one night I finally did it. After work, I changed clothes the moment I got home and set out for my first 2 mile run in over a year. It wasn't until minute 9 that my fingers, nose and toes didn't feel the cold, but I continued running. And finally the voice came over my headphones, courtesy of MapMyRun, to say, "distance two miles..." It wasn't until about 2 months later that I finally got over 'the hump', when running wasn't hard anymore. I ran the two miles I had been running and then sprinted at the end. I could have kept going, I felt amazing, and I had my endurance was back. It's was an accomplishment I had been avoiding. It felt amazing to have it back.

So, for this Friday Fancies, I thought it was appropriate to share some of my favorite items in my running wardrobe. Truthfully, investing in workout clothes that you really want to wear is part of the fun of working out. Besides, sometimes its just nice to have something easy to throw on for the quick trip to Target, and when you get home you're ready to work out, or just be comfy and lounge around the house.

1. under armour running shirt. It's super lightweight and easy to wear. I like to pair it with a purple sports bra to match my shoes.
2. nike tempo running shorts. I don't actually own these shorts, but I want to. Nothing scream 'confidence' louder than fitted workout shorts. If your working for a nice butt, you might as well flaunt it. Right?
3. brooks short running shoes. I have these. That exact pair, actually. They were made for my foot type. Running shoes are one of those thing that are different on everyone, I recommend you trying the shoes on in person, not just buying for style, color, or brand. You can buy another pair of tennis for casual wear and style.
4. a messy bun. is my new favorite hair style. On top of my head, in public, running, whenever. It's so easy, yet still sleek. 

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