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Happy Springtime: Spring Fever at its Finest

3/20/2013 11:47:00 AM

Spring Fever. I have it. Let me garden. Let me throw all of my 'old' clothes away and clean out closets that don't even need cleaning. Give me sunshine. Que the summer music. I want tan lines and light hair and pestle pink nails. Let's go shopping for sandals and sundresses and swimsuits. Sunroofs open, windows down, and radio up. Let me be outside with my shades on. That's all I want.

In my perfect world today I would have my nose in every flower I could find, photographing everything that symbolizes springtime and dancing around to a Kenny Chesney album in hopes summer comes even faster. 

Winter feels like it won't go away. It wants to just stay and be here raining on the beauty of sweet spring. I hate it. I cursed the weather this morning as my bare legs realized that this is not the weather the twentieth of March promises. 

Nonetheless, in the joy of spring and my wish to be home just relishing in being a wife during springtime for the very first time, I want to spend endless hours covering our home in fresh flowers of pinks and creams and yellows and light blues.

With that desire bubbling I took to Pinterest this morning and starting pinning flowers, vases, and springtime colors. I thought it might make me feel better, but now I imagine myself running barefoot out of this office looking back at anyone who asks where I'm heading, replying with a something cheesy and optimistic like, "To Seize the Day!" I would head straight to the nursery to buy as many potted plants that fit in my car and then straight home to get my hands dirty. This evening before David would get home I would run out to overspend on fresh flowers for the kitchen, living room, guest baths, and master bedroom. There would be freshness everywhere (if we were when we are rich that will be my very first splurge, weekly fresh flowers all over the house) and I would be in my element. Happy, warm, and smiling. 

Just in case you didn't have the fever, here's a little springtime for you! "The Beauty of Flowers and Berries" board from Pinterest. {click}

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