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Sunday Currently (Vol. 004)

3/11/2013 06:45:00 AM

Reading: is something I'm looking forward to doing as the sun warms up the world this springtime and summer. I'm not sure what my books of choice will be this year.  I need to start asking around for some good recommendations. 

Writing: my girl friends this week via email. The last few weeks we've all been so out of touch, I need to catch up. Springtime always brings back memories of warm days of college filled with volleyball, daiquiris, flip-flops and baseball.  

Listening: to Fun. Pandora Radio Station today on my run. With the help of daylight savings time I plan to run at least 20 minutes a few times a week before dinner. I'd forgotten how helpful pandora was for running. 

Thinking: to accomplish anything takes a whole heck of a lot of determination and self-discipline.  Writing blogs. Saving money. Dieting. Exercising. 

Smelling: The Febreze Candle "Thai Dragon Fruit", it's the candles that I lit excessively when we first moved into the house. The smell reminds David and I of those early days. I need to buy about 12 boxes of them just so we don't run out because we both LOVE the smell.  

Wishing: I would have never stopped my wedding diet. Here comes springtime and it's time to lay off the carbs, lay on the sunscreen, and hit to pavement to jog off all of this winter hibernation weight. 

Hoping: This week is productive. 

Wearing: leggings for the last few days I can. I threw my grey leggings together with a light blue plaid button-up and a sweet light yellow cardigan. We're heading to my parents' for Sunday dinner tonight and I love how comfy cute I can dress when we go visit my family. 

Loving: The idea of gardening in the upcoming weeks. When David first suggested that we fix up our flowerbeds I just looked at him and grunted (at the time I was neck deep in a work project and couldn't see pass it to have extra time), but with Spring in the air and flowers blooming everywhere I am really looking forward to decorating our gardens. I know close to nothing about gardening, so it should be an interesting adventure. 

Wanting: to spend a whole day covered in flower and icing making cup cakes and pastries. I'm going to hit up Pinterest for some danish ideas and try my hand in the upcoming weeks of springtime. 

Needing: hah, the list is long. 

Feeling: Excited to spend the evening surrounded by my family.   

Clicking: MailChimp. For work and fun! You know, it's a free service for blasting a few notes to a small group of people? Highly recommend it. 

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  1. Springtime does bring back the best memories! I can`t wait until the weather is warm & sunny enough to go outside and make some new ones. This weekend, it was nice out on Saturday, and then on Sunday it was back to being chilly & grey!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  2. we definitely need to 'work email' this week - i've been thinking about it a lot recently & can't for the life of me figure out why i haven't just done it. your outfit sounds SO cute. i want a yellow cardigan for this season. i've checked out mailchimp in the past, but got a bit overwhelmed while trying to learn how to use it... maybe i need to try again...





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