Sunday Currently (Vol. 005)

3/17/2013 11:59:00 PM

This weekend has been such an amazing weekend of love and family. Of course, that means that housework has taken a backseat (I feel like I say that a lot, LOL). Friday, David and I headed straight to my parents' house to boil crawfish and enjoy family time. My entire family was in town for the friday evening -- all seven siblings, five nieces, and my Godson / nephew. Plus, David's whole family came to celebrate with us too. Hahaha, I just typed out the word "celebrate," then realized we really weren't "celebrating" anything. But, I couldn't delete it because I think that the first crawfish boil of the season and wonderful, amazing family is very much a reason to celebrate. So, I guess that is why we were all brought together!!  

I took a ton of photos of the kiddos and pretty much failed at capturing the crawfish and all of their glory. Some of those pictures may end up on the blog later in the week. But for now, I wanted to share my two favorites: 

Here's Jo and his Papee, my dad. Working on Jo's bike. I adore the picture to the right, it so perfectly captures my dad in his element.  Jo is becoming such a little man! Can we say future-heartbreaker? Oh my goodness. 

And here's a picture of Brookie Cookie. She's such a cute little mess. Me and her were best buds all Friday and she was hamming up the camera. She says, "seee, seeeee" everytime you take a picture of her so she can see the picture of herself. She's learning how to use the camera and push buttons to see more pictures, I'm in trouble. :) 

There is no love compared to the love of an aunt! I promise. 

For this Sunday Currently

I want to give a shout out to Jess at Some Snapshots. She's added a few new categories to the Currentlys that I adopted for today's blog and will probably remain a permeant additions to the Sunday posts. Thanks Jess!  I love the "grateful" addition, it's so important to remember the little things we are grateful for each week. 

writing grocery lists.

listening to the noise of sports talk TV in the background, as always. It's become a Sunday tradition, I write my Sunday Currently's, we catches up on a week of "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN. 
eating pineapple. I'd forgotten how much I love fruit. Pineapples, red grapes, apples! I've added them all to my regular diet and it feels nice to have sugar that feels healthy. 
drinking water and a Sprite Zero. Kind of love a little carbonated treat and at least it's not a coke, right? LOL 
smelling the leftover scent of my perfume from the day. Philosophy's "Falling in Love" to be exact.  
wishing the weekend wasn't over yet. It's been an absolutely perfect weekend of family and friends. 

hoping that David and I order the sideboard for our kitchen that I have been drooling over for an entire week now. Furniture shopping is absolutely our kryptonite. In other words, it makes us both curl up in a little ball and say curse words when we have to talk about it. hahahahahaha So, considering we found something we both agree on and genuinely like is pretty much a miracle. 
wearing St. Patrick Day green jeans, of course. Who isn't in love with the colored jeans trend? 
loving My family. All of it. Husband. Sisters. Nieces. Godson. Parents. Brothers. I am so very, very blessed to have been born into such an amazing group of people. 
wanting just one more day of the weekend. 
wondering where we'll be in five years from now. Being around my sisters' babies gets me excited about what our little family will be like one day. 
photographing family and crawfish. 
clicking all over Ballard Designs and Restoration Hardware for furniture and decorating ideas. 
grateful that I have my husband to sleep next to tonight and every night. Being married is absolutely one of the simplest and most complicated joys of life. 

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  1. so jealous of that crawfish boil - i need to attend one of those ASAP. justin & i have talked about hosting one for all the people up here, because i don't think they do them.

    the photos are so beautiful - can't wait to see more!

    so glad that pineapples always remind you of our dudley dorm room - because i can't even eat a bite of pineapple without thinking of it!

  2. I just bought some pineapple the other day - haven't had it for a while but forgot how much I love it!





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