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3/09/2013 12:39:00 AM

With daylight savings just a mere 24 hours away and spring a countable few days ahead, I'm not so sure I'm one hundred percent committed to a complete spring wardrobe. There are still a few things about this cold season that I haven't appreciated enough just yet. Like, closed-toe flats, suede leather boots, and the high waist yellow wool skirt.  Then again, I am very much anticipating the sunglasses, silk skirt, short sleeve and cyan.

I hope you enjoy these three polyvore spreads.
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Enjoy the next three fashion spreads.
(As I review each, I realize there is probably a random piece in each set that I forced a little...but I've decided that's okay. As classic as I wish I was, I've excepted I'm really just a little eclectic at heart.)

Pretty Girl Gold Pant with Tory Burch :: a collection of items all found on toryburch.com.  I can't decide what my favorite piece is, but you'll see a common theme in the next three collections. I'm in love with this cyan color your see dominating this spread.

Pretty Girl Gold Pant with Tory Burch

Gold Tip Loafers with Kate Spade :: by far the gold tip flats are my favorite. If I owned them I may I would find a way to wear them every day of my life. I think this spread ended up feeling a little more fall than I had intended, I still love it. David *~hint hint~* the earrings and the flats would make excellent birthday gifts or anniversary gifts.

Gold Tip Loafers with Kate Space

Pretty in Lace with Pink Rouge :: David and I need to plan a weekend trip to the east coast just before it gets a little too warm just so I can wear this entire outfit. This top makes my heart beat faster. The purse makes this outfit feel more life Nashville. Her hair is just messy enough. I think I'll over blush tomorrow.

Pretty in Lace with Pink Rouge

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