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10/30/2009 02:08:00 PM

I ripped out some paged of a j. crew magazine for office wardrobe inspiration. I do believe it was a success.
Belts have made a comeback for the first time in my adult life. I must say, when/if they ever phase out again I will be pretty sad. I have become a fan of the skinny belt. Even though I don’t have a waist to enhance, they still make me happy.

I think it’s safe to safe I’m a little out of the loop. Which always tends to break my heart a little bit, but I have been in a wretched mood for the majority of this week so I probably saved some face and wrongful words. I’m not really sure why I am in a wretched mood, nothing was too terribly different than any other week, except Adrienne was out of the office leaving me to bare each day of this office without her. It was harder than I imagined.

I remember when her presence made me feel self-conscience and self-aware (in a bad way) but now, it’s easy. It’s makes my days better – happier. And I’ve opened up to her. I enjoy what she brings to my life and my wardrobe. We have very similar tastes, she’s just much better at spending money than me. It funny how friendships develop, I really didn’t see that friendship coming. Those are the best kinds!

I know, I say it often. But I think I found him. And I’m going to keep him for awhile!!

Thank God it’s Friday.

I’m going to decorate and clean my house today. It’s all I have wanted to do all week. Maybe I’ll take pictures. Maybe I’ll paint. Maybe I’m move furniture. Who knows, but things are going to change this weekend. They are going to change for the better, cuz well right now I’m not a big fan of myself.

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