I was born to wear boots

10/05/2009 05:57:00 PM

Today I broke out the boots at work.
They made me pretty happy all day.
My head is spinning and I feel like it has been a whirlwind of a day, but I haven't even left the reception desk for longer than ten minutes all day.
People are starting to hear about Grad School.
I don't like it.
What happens if something falls thru...I don't like people to expect things like that from me before they are certain.
I may lose my job because so many people know, which I hate.

Vincent's with D tonight before he goes on a 3 day business trip.
My almost bf goes on business trips, when did I get so old?
Vincent’s is this Italian restaurant about ten minutes from the office. It’s supposed to be really good.

My internet is down at my house again.
But Beau gets home from him lake house trip tonight.
Last night I cleaned the kitchen and lit candles around the house so if would smell good and be clean when he gets home.
It's the motherly instincts in me that does that, I kind of like it.

Lauren, I love you! And I'm a little jealous of the freedom and the emotion that you are feelings. I know its painful, but there is also something very alive about it. It's beautiful, really.

My diet has been going sort of good. I haven't been working out nearly enough, but I feel okay about what I look like. I just need to keep it up. There will be ten pounds less of me when the holidays get here, I'm determined. Well, sort of.

The eternal question: When will I find out if I got accepted to Grad School.
Please people, stop asking me.

Ashley and Kim got in a really bad car wreck Friday night. They are both good. But dad def called and said, "come home immediately, there's been an accident." There's nothing compared to the way your stomach drops when you get that phone call. It's horrible.

So not inspirational, I know.


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