This was 3 hours well spent.

10/11/2009 08:51:00 PM

Text Message from Adrienne: You and David looked so adorable last night. :)
And it's true, we really do look pretty happy together.
But, we forgot the camera so there was nothing documented. Which, may have been a good thing considering the outcome.

I spent the better part of Friday afternoon hanging out with his mom. I guess it was bonding time. I like her, I really do.

I miss New Orleans, I haven't been down there in about a month and it feels a little past due. I need some girl friends to make a visit with me. (hint, hint)

Today, I'm also a little obsessed with Taylor Swift. She's just beautiful.

And, (don't judge me) this is my jam today.

I mean, really guys check out the kicks
But ya know what I don't like?

For, obvious reasons.

I'm going to have to take the GRE again. I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm realized that I have a little extra time to pull my score up before spring. Applying for grad school has been really stressing me out.

Just living well is exhausting sometimes.

Sunday's thank you God for:
Thursday nights with Grace, Aprel and Grey's
My parents
My brother and his house
red bull
Sam Bo
Random phone calls from Carrie
Random texts from Megan
Gilmore Girls


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