Just Keep Swimming

11/23/2010 10:09:00 AM

'Just keep swimming' has been my moto since Wednesday of last week. Wednesday of last week was when I started training for the Mardi Gras Half-Marathon. I'm very anxious to participate and I've gotten a few of my favorite girls to participate in the training with me - Carrie, Lauren & Megan. It's very cool that we have all come together on this, even though we are all miles and miles apart from each other. It's just the actual training that I"m having a hard time finding time for. I feel exhausted and hungry all the time. I will fight through this. More importantly, I will run the 4 miles that I have postponed due to my busy weekend.

Running Schedule:
Tuesday: 4 miles on treadmill.
Thursday: 2 miles on the road
Friday: 3 miles on road (with David?)
Sunday: 4 mile long road run in the evening
Please hold me to this.

I did run on Friday afternoon. And since then I've been going and going... This weekend was crazy busy. I'll cover the highlights with some text. I'm still on a search for my camera charger. I could have really used a camera this weekend.

Friday: Katie's Birthday downtown. We went to Drago's and then The District where were happened to run into Reggie Bush. He told Katie he was playing on Sunday, but he didn't. Bummer. It was a pretty awesome night!

Saturday: LSU!! David and I drove down for the tailgate to see everyone for the last home game. We were lucky enough to get tickets near the student section. It was SOOOO much fun, but I'm still hoarse from yelling. I wish we could watch every game from the student section, it is truly an experience! That evening we ended up getting a hotel downtown with Brad and Co and, we had Superior for dinner. Superior Margaritas are really, truly unmatched.

Sunday: Saints!! It was a perfect Sunday. David and I woke up and went to Mass at the St. Louis Cathedral at 11:00. I'd never been to church there before and it was absolutely beautiful. It was a religious experience, no really, it was!! After church we went to Harrah's for the Champaign Brunch and then straight on to the DOME! Every game should be at 3:00, it's the perfect time for a home game. Saints Won!!! And I think they actually have their swagger back! It was nice to watch a smooth game. We stayed until the very end! After it was all over, I was truly EXHAUSTED. Actually, I'm still exhausted. But, it was a good, good weekend!!

I'll give the weekend a 9!!

| The one picture I did get with my phone |

| The picture text I received from my mom from the Lake House |

| The picture that I took of Katie for her birthday with Reggie Bush |

I'm giving THANKS for all the beautiful people in my life! Thank you, God, for blessing me with all the wonderful things that make up my life. I have you to thank for my freedom, my family, my friends, and every single one of my successes.

With love!

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