Redefining My Bestself

11/11/2010 12:24:00 AM

I'm removing negative energy from my life. I've decided that, right now, it is the most annihilating thing that is in my life. Negative people, negative attitude, negative feeling, disappointments, feeling discouraged, negative language...all of these things are taking away from my healthy living. I've felt jaded, boring, negative...I don't need to further my negative adjectives for you to understand the point I am trying to make. If I let myself continue to be bogged down and paralyzed by the negativity that infiltrate my life it will become my ever lusting destruction. (Theatrically dramatic, I know.)

I have been feeling stressed, but I assumed that it was a normal stress level for a twenty something. However, I had a chiropractic evaluation yesterday and I realized that I may be more stressed than the average person. This said stress may actually be causing physical problems with the way my nerves are functioning. This nerve issue has certainly externally effected my life, but I didn't realize just how much until it was pointed out to me. The tense nerves in my neck may be the cause of my fingertips losing blood circulation. W.T.H?! The negative energy in my life may be the reason my fingers turn white in cold weather. Whoe.

I want to feel encouraged, to find the best things in people, the best in situations and relationships. I must refocus my relationship with the Big Guy. It is absolutely, 100% vital to my life right now to find the happy and beautiful things, to find peace through God, and to find uplifting, joyful people to share it all with. So I'm on a mission - A mission to become my very bestself.

{Disclaimer: this is all off the tiptop of my head at midnight on a random Wednesday}
My Bestself is a person who always has the right thing to wear to the occasion. A person who thinks and plans ahead for special occasions. A person who wraps presents and gives Thank You notes for random acts of kindness. A person who exercise on a very regular basis. I will run a half-marathon. I want to complete a short triathlon. I want to have time in my daily/weekly life to sitdown and put together my originals ideas. I want to be a person who writes in a paper journal. I hope that the paper journal is something that my children will find oneday and be able to relate to. I want to find the best in people. I want to be a person who can run, with grace, in heals (I think I am that person). Someone who always has a camera and a smile behind and in front of the camera. I like being a person who drinks out of a martini glass when everyone else is drinking beer. I don't like that the liquid in my martini glass is $5 more than the stuff in the brown bottle titled "Bud Light". I don't have to have the very best, but I like to have a few things that people admire. I want to have the perfect relationship with my boyfriend (I do have the perfect relationship with my boyfriend). I will be a person who praises Our Lord in the morning and says thank you to Him every night for all the blessings he has granted me. My bestself is someone who volunteers without complaints or expectations. A good listener. And a good speaker. And someone who goes to bed in time........

And with that, I am done for the night.

I hope that your day finds you with love and happiness and the inspiration is ever-flowing.


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