Friendship is Love's truest form.

9/14/2009 10:33:00 PM

The last posts by you and you make me feel like part of something bigger than myself. Much bigger. It reminds me of the importance of being active in others lives, it keeps you alive. It's what life is all about. We are taught that we are only suppose to marry one person in our life, that we are suppose to share our life with. But, ya see friendship is bigger and better than that. Friends are the people you choose to keep in your life, outside of contracts and inside of you heart.

The two of you reinspire me; or rather, remind me what being inspired feels like. But the most beautiful part about the friendship is that there is absolutely nothing required of any of us. The energy we put into each other is energy that we chose to exude; not required, expected, or forced. It's everything true friendship should be and I basically love it.

As for my weekend. I checked off more things from my "Life To-Do List" than I thought possible in one weekend.
  • Attend a LSU game, Check
  • Attend a professional football game, Check
  • Attend a Saints football game, Check
  • Visit the supedone post Katrina, Check
  • Watch college football in the rain, Check (I really didn't hate it)
  • Run in heals in the rain for about half a mile, Check. (yeah, it was serious talent and I was pretty impressed with myself)

On another note, I've rediscovered my joy in Gilmore Girls. I love them.

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