A good place to start is at the beginning.

9/09/2009 08:34:00 PM

In true trend form, my two fellow favorite writers have begin to document their lives in this new venue. This is me following suit. Not because I am a "follower," but because I agree with their agenda. To start a fresh new space to share their new life experiences in order to shed the college skin and to reflect their lives under a new, optimistic alias.

My space has no purpose and will reflect exactly what it's title implies. I will share with you my random thoughts, however inconsistent or incomplete, on a regular basis. All optimistic and insecure ideas that run through my mind will come out. My opinions of famous people, old trends, new trends, habits of colleagues, annoyances with the media, advertisements i find fascinating, and ways that people act that I enjoy or disapprove...etc, etc. If it's on my mind I will open up to you about it.

Often times I find being vague the most productive way to get my point across to an anonymous audience. This type of communication will be recognizable and most of the time parallel to things that are currently happening in my personal life.

This journal will be special to others that I have had in the past and it will be opened up to the public. If you happen to stumble across this place, enjoy!!!


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