When you know, you just know.

9/27/2009 05:26:00 AM

I saw a glimpse of my old life. I believe everyone is better off now, that life was not for me. Goodness only knows why I kept it for so long.

"Don't fall in love with someone you can live with;
fall in love with someone you can't life without."

Claire Cleary: What is true love?
John Beckwith: True love is your soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another.
Claire Cleary: It's a little cheesy but I like it.
John Beckwith: I read it on a bumper sticker!
- Wedding Crashers


My week:
Sunday - 7:30 church with dad, then a trip to Tennessee to pick up one of our German Shepherds, hotel.
Monday - Driving home from Tennessee, grocery shopping, dinner and Monday night football with David.
Tuesday - Work, reception duty, volleyball.
Wednesday - Work, website updates, volleyball, Bulldog(?).
Thursday - Work, blah, Thursday night Girl's night with Grace, Grey's with Aprel and wine.
Friday - Work half-day, Saks shopping with Adrienne for my next jean purchase, Girls' night out on the town, boys' fishing rodeo.
Saturday - David's house, LSU game party, Gretna fest, Red Eye, running into Anna after the HOB concert, pictures lots of pictures.

I will try to fit working out into my schedule.
I have given up, giving up caffeine (i'm just more likeable that way)
I want to make an art purchase soon, I just have to find something that compels me enough to spend $300-500 on.

When/if i get married, I hope my husband spins me on our first dance.

I am oh so very glad that fall shows have started up. This year I will watch Grey's, Gossip Girl & 90210. I will get inspired and my wardrobe will vastly improve. I'm so behind on the latest trends.


And to conclude. When you are happy because you are making someone else happy, and that feeling is mutual, that must be a sign that this is something good!

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  1. Brent and I better see your face at some point saturday night.





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