Craving Tan Lines & Boat Rides

3/30/2010 06:18:00 PM

I couldn't be more excited about Spring FINALLY being here.

The one downfall? It makes me really dislike having to be at work. Can't I just be outside in the sunshine and work at night?

No. 1 reason I miss college? Spring Break

Spring-things to look forward to:
- Multiple road trips to the Lake House
- Bayou Country Fest
- Crawfish boil, April 10
- Easter
- wearing white pants & shoes
- tan lines
- Poolside
- Gulf Shore's trip, July 1-4
- Pedicures
- crawfish
- Spring showers
- Sunroof, radio up


There are a few things that I'm having a hard time accepting that I want to share with you.

a) Growing up. No, like really, I still giggle a little bit every time I refer to myself as a "woman". I just don't feel mature enough to be considered a miss or a Mrs. Will it just feel normal one day? Or did I forget to do something that is supposed to make me feel that way?

b) Not complaining. I want to be a positive person. I really, really want to be one of those positive, always happy people except some days I'm just a wretch.

c) Self-awareness. I know it's important to be a little self-aware but lately it has been feeling a lot more like insecurities and anxiety than anything else.

d) My wardrobe. Can I please be one of those people who always have the perfect outfit for every occasion? If I could actually accomplish this some of my self-awareness/anxiety might actually subside.

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