I'm sick.

3/22/2010 12:10:00 PM

sick and tired.

and shouldn't be at work today. but that would have been impossible with the amount of work i had left over from friday.
my weekend was not relaxing. but it wasn't the most exciting of weekend either.

my relationship is going through the odd st. patrick's day slump. i resent john mayer for making me aware of the fact that st. pat's day played any role in a relationship. two more weeks and i think you can say we cleared st. pat's day curse. its just getting there.

the healthcare bill. it terrifies me. ask me how i feel about my tax dollars going to abortions? welcome to socialism.

two weeks ago i made a "to do" list for the next couple of weeks. in consisted of big chores.
i wrote "work out" on it twice.
i've not worked out since i wrote the list.
not okay.

this week:
monday - work, dinner with a girl friend, launrdy, dust & sweep
tuesday - work, volleyball practice
wednesday - work, volleyball game, bulldog for drinks w/ team
thursday - work, workout w/ grace, grey's & private practice w/ aprel
friday - work 'til 2, hair appointment / shreveport?
saturday - tbd

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