Sick Day

3/23/2010 08:12:00 AM

I just can't get enough of you these past few days, can I?

I'm taking a sick day from work. I had to humble myself for a moment when I actually decided that I was sick enough to stay home. I kept thinking I had too much work to do to be sick, but really...nothing that I have to do is so important that I can't allow myself a day to get better. Because I really am sick. You should hear my talk, I sound like a 68-year old smoker.

So, I turned on my Push notifications for iPhone work email, fired up the laptop, put some pillows behind my head and plan on doing a little online shopping, design, and sleeping. It's not exactly a mental wellness day when you are actually sick, but it feels nice regardless. Granted, I've already answered 4 work emails in the time that I have written this...I'm okay with that though! :)

I may be in touch again later, ya just never know. Right now I'm going hit up a few stores online to see if I can find some weekend clothes!

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