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Promises For The Year 2013

1/01/2013 03:07:00 PM

In the year Two Thousand Thirteen...

I will celebrate my 27 birthday
I will celebrate my one year engagement anniversary 
I will celebrate my one year wedding anniversary
I will celebrate more 

I will start a business 
I will start making my bed in the morning 

I will stop eating so many carbs 
I will stop making excuses for not exercising 
I will stop feeling sorry for myself 
I will stop being insecure 

I will visit Aprel's family more often
I will bring my nieces and nephew on adventures and build a relationship with them 
I will post more pictures 
I will always return the shopping cart to the buggy place in the parking lot 
I will visit a state I've never visited 
I will take my talents more seriously 
I will take myself less seriously 
I will finish writing all of my thank you cards 
I will learn how to use this new thing -- a Mac 

I will be a better wife
- one that doesn't complain about so many things 
- one that makes the bed 
- one that learns how to speak whole sentences even when I'm frustrated with a situation 
- one that looks for all of the good things
- one that wakes up a few minutes earlier to have good hair for the day 
- one that learns how to cook a few more of his favorite dishes 
- one that doesn't take herself too seriously 
- one that remembers how to stay true to herself

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