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Sunday Currently (Vol. 003)

1/13/2013 11:45:00 PM

Reading: Glamour Magazine. The one with Zooey Deschanel on the cover. I'm in love with her show, New Girl. Her character is like a poster child for being yourself. I'm sad the show didn't get much love on the Golden Globes -- but hey, they did get nominated!! 

Writing: Notes in work journals. With titles / goal / task / objective for the day. It is helping me process the information before I actually start the project.   It makes getting things accomplished a little more fluid. 

Listening: to the Golden Globes. I was working tonight at the kitchen table with the GG's on in the background. Every time I recognized a voice I would get up and go watch! It helped tonight as I was struggling to stay motivated. Sometimes all yours eyes need is a 2 minute break!

Thinking: I really need to order some new clothes. For Christmas my wonderful in-laws gifted me some money to spend at J. Crew (does it get much better?!). I need to find time to search their site for exactly how I want to spend the money. (!!!!) 

Smelling: Not much. Probably a good thing! LOL 

Wishing: To find time to work out this week. Working out isn't something that has been in my life lately, but today -- rainy weather and all -- I just wanted to go out for a run. I stopped to do some stretching in the middle of working tonight. Just that helped release some anxiety and negative energy. #ineedmore  

Hoping: that I love the dress I ordered from BHLDN for the Endymion Extravaganza. 

Wearing: sweat pants. Poor David...I'm cold all the time and as soon as we get home I change into sweat pants and a big sweater. He must think I'm so sexy. 

Loving: That I was actually productive tonight!  

Wanting: ...I still want a new pair of boots (refer: Sunday Currently (Vol. 2).  

Needing: a massage. Doesn't that just sound so nice, all of the time.

Feeling: Tired. I'm glad that it's bedtime as soon as I post this.   

Clicking: All over MailChimp & WordPress for work lately. Always nice to add a little more experience to the resume.

Here's a little instagram love from today when we were uptown for lunch! (Liking it better on the 2" screen over the 13" screen, but picture posts are always better :)) 

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7 comment(s)

  1. I love BHLDN!!! That dress is fabulous. I hope you love it!

    1. I'll keep you posted on how it fits! If its anything like Anthropologie, it will fit like a glove!

  2. so happy you're doing sunday currently posts now :) it makes me smile.

    i am kicking myself over not yet getting into new girl. i love love LOVE zooey, & i know i would also love love LOVE the show, but i just haven't gotten around to watching it/catching up. i need to get on that soon.

    i bet you will have so much fun with that j.crew money! what a perfect gift! we have a j.crew at my favorite shopping center here, but i have yet to buy anything from there. i'm telling myself i have to have a job first. hopefully that will come soon.

    i miss you! i hope you have a good week. love that you texted me today. let's keep that going :)

    1. You MUST catchup on New Girl. David gifted me the whole first season for Christmas. It's Gilmore Girl kind of good.

  3. Cute blog! Happy to have found you through the Sunday currently :)

    1. You too!! Sunday Currently is lovely! I mean, who doesn't love a quick little survey everyone in awhile! :)

  4. J. Crizzle has a rather awesome sale right now, too! I've never ordered anything from Bhldn but I could do damage there! And isn't Zooey the cutest? Love her! Love these currently's. :)





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