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Sunday Currently (Vol. 002)

1/06/2013 07:15:00 PM

Reading: Blogs again. It's inspiring to read what other people are thinking, talking, and writing about. I've compiled a nice combination of subscriptions for work-realted and life-related blogs. Newest favorite:

Writing: Group texts, and sending video messages. It's a nice way to stay connected to everyone even though we are all so very busy. 

Listening: to NFL on Fox and David whistling the tune to "Two tickets to paradise". I've been working most of today so David has been in control of the TV. I don't usually just listen to sports for fun. 

Thinking: How much I appreciate David. He's been so much help and support over the last month with me working two jobs and always feelings so busy I can't see straight. 

Smelling: Our Skinny Dipping scent from Scentsy. I'm obsessed with our scentsies, that's right, we have two of them. 

Wishing: I didn't have to go into my day job tomorrow. Weekend always end too soon. 

Hoping: I get use to using the Mac, sooner rather than later. I'm slowly catching on, but I still miss my PC.  I bought the apple wireless mouse yesterday, so at least I have my right-click again. 

Wearing: Leggings, all of the time. I've been finding new outfits that I can make "work appropriate" with leggings. I need to order like 10 more pairs. Especially a couple pairs of black.

Loving: That it's Mardi Gras Season, once again. This day last year David and I were heading to dinner -- the dinner that we ate just moments before he proposed to me!!!! 

Wanting: a new pair of boots. I haven't bought a single pair this year...

Needing: to get back to work. To Stretch. To Workout. To buy a new pair of running shoes. 

Feeling: Happy. Maybe it's the 5 servings of caffeine I had today.  

Clicking: Play on the video I posted of the little dog Sam on Facebook. Over and over, it makes me smile every time. 

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2 comment(s)

  1. you are always such a busy bee! i admire your work ethic. i can't wait til i have a job [i know that sounds crazy, but it's true.]

    i have to say, it took me a while to get used to my MAC when i got it - it was a rough transition from PC to MAC, but i absolutely love my MAC now. i didn't have it over the summer when i was in shreveport, & i missed it so much!

    i haven't bought any boots this year either - makes me sad ;( i love boots.

    5 servings of caffeine?! were you bouncing off the walls? FUN FACT: caffeine is a word i struggle with spelling EVERY SINGLE TIME. i can almost never spell it correctly the first time.

    so glad you linked up this week! :) i'll be calling you soon!


  2. Once you get used to your Mac you wont want anything else. :)





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